MiFID II rules reveal hidden fund charges. Really?





RG 97 consultation

Consultation Paper 308 Review of RG 97 Disclosing fees and costs in PDSs and periodic statements (CP 308) reflects ASIC's commitment to ensuring that consumers seeking information on fees and costs receive transparent and useable information that helps them understand fees and costs, compare products, and make confident and informed choices.





ETF's, investor panacea or ticking time bomb.


An insightful piece from Contrarian Marketplace.


ETF markets continue to surge in popularity. With low fees and basic packaging of the ETF product even Big Bird can understand what The Count is going on about. No wonder investors are snapping up these products faster than the Cookie Monster. However there is something chilling about the ETF market. In the lead up to and eventual crash of Lehmans et al CDOs, CDSs and other synthetic products were seen as the root of all evil. They were so complex that even Fields Medal winners in mathematics couldn’t make head nor tail of them. The ETF became the opposite – being too simplistic – and with that the product has brought huge complacency. To that end Sesame Street could well switch to Elm Street. Read on here.


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