What We Do


Basis Global Analytics (BGA) is an independent, conflict free consultancy that provides trade analytics services to institutional clients across the globe.

Adopting a standardised methodology to measure, evaluate and report transaction costs, BGA provides unique insight and context around factors affecting the performance of transition and investment portfolios.


BGA TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis) vets proposals, evaluates pre-trade strategies, benchmarks transition managers, ranks trade difficulty and performance against peers and historical performance. The TCA trade review evaluates each transition with a focus on unexpected costs and how efficiently controllable costs were managed. The TCA post-trade report provides a breakdown of total costs (explicit and implicit) and evaluates the performance of the transition manager in mitigating risk and cost.


BGA MPA (Manager Performance Analytics) provides investors with additional data points for on-going manager due diligence and reviews. The MPA report enables asset owners and consultants to have more informed discussions with asset managers and make quantifiable decisions across the manager universe. The MPA report for asset managers identifies the components of trading costs and their impact on portfolio returns, benchmarks performance against peers and provides input to optimise their implementation strategy.


BGA’s proprietary analytics platform and audited database is complimented by its team, each with over 25 years of real market experience.